I just want to come one day – is there a reduced rate?
No, we are not set up to accommodate a one-day entrance fee. The conference is run by a non-profit organization comprised of a volunteer board and a small staff. 

I just want to come to hear one speaker, is this possible?
Sure, registration for one speaker is the regular rate of $105 and the rest of the sessions are free!  Besides, with so much to learn at the conference, why would you just want to attend one session?

I just want to visit the trade show?
The trade show is open to the public for free only during the Friday night reception. Come on down and see what we are all about!

I don’t breed horses, can I still come to the conference?
Yes! The conference is designed to have topics of interest to all horse enthusiasts. You don’t need to breed horses or even own a horse. The conference addresses a variety of topics, which can include equine training, behaviour, nutrition, dentistry, farriery, health, care, welfare, current scientific research, conformation, physiology, breeding, the business of horses, and currents news in the horse industry.

I registered for the conference but now I’m unable to attend, can I get a refund?
Yes, we will issue full refunds up until one week before the conference. After that time, we are unable to issue refunds.

I couldn’t attend the conference, can I buy the proceedings manual so I can read the speaker’s papers?
Yes, we sell the conference proceedings for $25 (shipping included in Canada). Contact our office to order.