Introduction to Online Horse Betting: Odds, Wager Types and Useful Tips

Betting on horse racing in Alberta is quite a popular activity among locals and gamblers across the country. As a result, this sector contributes billions of dollars to the Canadian economy every year.

This guide covers the key aspects of online horse betting, how to bet on the outcome of a horse race, what types of odds and bets exist, and where wagers are accepted. We cover all this and much more in our guide for those who watch the races with thrill and are ready to join the community of bettors.

How to Bet on Horse Racing: Full Instructions

Horse betting online is possible thanks to a number of bookmakers. They accept bets on horse races and other sporting events. In our guide, you will also find tips for choosing the best betting sites. But we will start with step-by-step instructions on online horse betting.

1. After choosing an online platform, register and log into your account, as a rule, this process does not take much time.

2. Find the relevant section on the bookmaker’s site.

3. Next, you will see a list of events available soon. Select the race you need.

4.Many betting sites list each horse by age, physical shape, number of races and wins, etc.

5. Now you need to choose the horse you like.

6. Specify the size and type of wager. For example, you bet on the victory of a horse with a certain number.

7. Next, confirm the bet and wait for the start and result of the race. Many bookmakers provide the opportunity to watch the races live.

About Odds in Online Horse Betting

As for live horse racing odds, there are three basic types:

The most common type in Canada is decimal. So let us see how it works with an example. Imagine that you bet $20 at odds of 3.00 on the horse that finished first in the race. So, your total win is $60 (20 x 3.00).

Experienced players and bettors know how everything works. However, newcomers should first learn the essential sports betting rules before risking their budget. They can start by choosing this reliable online casino source that provides detailed information on various online casinos. Safety is paramount, so bets should be made only on licensed sites.

Horse Betting Online: What to Wager on?

Many do not bother and simply bet on the victory of a certain horse or on the number under which it will complete the race. However, we want to tell you about other betting combinations to make your experience even better.

Conventionally, all bets can be divided into direct and exotic ones.

Straight Horse Racing Bets

Wager Name



Here the winner is the one who bet on the horse that will win the race.



In this case, you are betting on whether the horse will finish first or second.


Across the board

This bet involves combining all of the above wagers.


Show Bet

This option assumes that your horse will finish the race first, second, or third. If the selected horse wins, the bettor wins all three bets. If the horse comes second – two wagers. If third – one wager.



Here you bet half the amount on your horse winning and the other half on the place in the final ranking previously set by the bookmaker.

Exotic Horse Racing Bets

Wager Name



Also known as exacta (in the US) and forecast (in the UK), this bet involves picking two horses to win the race. The bettor also indicates in what order the horses will finish.



Here the wager is placed on three horses, and it is indicated which of them will finish first, second and third.



This is similar to the exactor bet, but the order does not matter.



A bet on the victory of two horses taking part in two different races.



Similar to the previous wager. Only you bet on three horses in three different races.



A bet on the victory of several horses in different races. You only get your winnings if every horse wins every race.


Online Horse Betting: Expert Tips

With these tips, you can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Tips Bg
Tip #1

Tip #1

Pay attention to the bonus offers of online bookmakers.

Tips Bg

Tip #2

When choosing a horse, always consider its characteristics (age, physical shape, trainer, etc.).

Tips Bg
Tip #3

Tip #3

One of the recommended wagers for beginners is the bet on all outcomes.

Tips Bg
Tip #4

Tip #4

Keep in mind that not always the favourites of past races come first next time.

Tips Bg
Tip #5

Tip #5

Never place a bet that you cannot afford to lose. Set a budget limit.

Horse Racing in Canada​

On sites that offer betting on horse racing in Alberta, the player can choose from a range of events held in the province at national and international levels.
  • Breeders’ Cup;
  • Melbourne Cup;
  • Kentucky Derby;
  • Cheltenham Gold Cup;
  • Queen’s plate.

What Bonuses Bookmakers Offer

Due to the growing competition in the market, each online horse betting site offers its own unique bonuses and customer reward system. The main categories of bonus offers include:

Welcome bonus (free bets or horse racing tokens).
Promotions with increased odds.
Loyalty program (participation in the VIP club).

Betting on Horse Racing on your Smartphone

Modern online bookmakers keep track of the latest innovations and trends. For this reason, many sites offer the ability to place bets from any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. In addition, thanks to the optimization for the most popular operating systems, every Canadian can place stakes through a mobile browser or by downloading a special application.

Choosing the Best Horse Betting Online Platform

Given the popularity of online horse betting in Canada today, the choice of sites where it can be done is huge. However, it is important to find not just an online resource with a beautiful design but a reliable platform. A legal and noteworthy betting site meets the following criteria:

High level of security
    High level of security

    Availability of a license
      Availability of a license

      Bonus program
        Bonus program

        Wide range of banking options
          Wide range of banking options

          Various wagers to choose from
            Various wagers to choose from

            Sports Betting in Canada

            Canadians not only love to watch various competitions live but also often place bets on these events. For this reason, today, sports betting is becoming more and more popular. Bookmakers accept stakes in almost all sports, including hockey, basketball, football and many others.

            Canadian Love for Horse Sports

            Horse riding is quite a popular activity in Canada. In addition to various competitions throughout the country, including Alberta, horse owners, breeders and just fans of this sport gather annually at the Alberta Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, Canada.

            This event features industry-renowned invited speakers and discusses important topics of interest to every horse-riding enthusiast. So, one of the conferences was dedicated to the Fred Pearce memorial lecture. At this event, the question of “Stereotypic behavior in horses – why does my horse do that?” was discussed.