2002 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

Hans HansmaThe Hans Hansma recipe for success was a simple one: combine ample amounts of family values, the Quarter Horse, a strong work ethic, honesty and integrity, and an unselfish passion for continual improvement and development.  Learn from the best.  Take  the  time  and  effort  necessary  to  get  it  right. 

 Willingly lend a helping hand.  Respect  tradition  but  plan  for  a  better  future.  Dare to defend what is right and to correct the course of wrong.  Celebrate successes and victories - not only your own but industry  wide.  A  simple  recipe:  a remarkable  legacy  of  vision,  dedication,  and achievement.

Hans passed on in 1996, but the legacy he left continues to flourish. His founding influence remains prominent in the workings of the many equine organizations, programs, and individuals he was such an integral part of.  The equine progeny of his meticulous foresight  now serve as the pillars of many prominent breeding programs and performance landmarks.  Meanwhile, his own progeny continues to excel on the world’s stage - each and every one of them making their own special contributions towards helping fulfill a proud fathers’ dreams.  And few doubt that even now he is busy putting the “best of the best” together in the Great Beyond.

It is with immense pride that the Horse Industry Association of Alberta posthumously bestow its Distinguished Service Award on Hans Hansma - in recognition of his lasting influence and contributions to the equine industry of Alberta.

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