A number of welfare related projects are scheduled for 2010, delivered by the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC). HWAC partners include all provincial horse councils, NAERIC, all provincial farm animal care groups, Canadian Quarter Horse Assoc., Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Bouvry Exports, SSPCA, J. Woods Livestock Services and Agri Food & Agri Canada.

The purpose of HWAC is to:

  1. Support the existing education programs of each of its partners.
  2. Promote humane handling of horses throughout all of their life stages.
  3. Inform its constituents and partners of matters and issues related to the welfare of the horse population.
  4. Enhance public awareness of matters and issues relating to the welfare of the horse and the horse industry.
  5. Strive to network with other organizations who might assist the Alliance in the achievement of its purpose and objectives.



Rehabilitating the Neglected Horse, A Caregivers Guide
Delivery Date: Feb 2010


Horse Hauling Course
Delivery Date: March 2010


Recommended Handling Guide and Welfare Assessment for Horses
Delivery Date: Fall 2010