2006 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

David ReidWhen the “Sport of Kings” in Alberta was struggling to maintain its continued viability and was badly in need of sweeping changes, it collectively called on a man of wisdom, vision, conviction, passion and dogged determination to cure the ails of our horse racing industry. Dr. David Reid answered that call the only way he knew how – leaving no stone unturned in the relentless pursuit of total rehabilitation, restoration and an enhanced state of wellness for his beloved patient.


The “cure” was found in the blueprint for change developed by and subsequently implemented by Horse Racing Alberta. Under Dr. Reid’s astute leadership, a divided industry became cohesive; floundering programs were replaced by ones that flourished. Bottom to top, conditions changed for the better. Provincial government and industry leaders partnered to provide the right programs, education and seed money to launch the rejuvenation; existential growth followed.

The global industry took admirable notice, as critical measures of success began to be achieved – Alberta leading the nation in areas such as breeding initiatives, viability of ownership, marketing efforts, backstretch and paddock conditions, and increases in attendance and handle.

In an industry where hope springs eternal, Dr. Reid provided the hybrid vigor necessary to go the distance. At a time in life where he could have easily chosen to rest on his laurels as a world-renowned expert in sports medicine, he instead focused his sights on an industry in need. In an industry where multiple trips to the winner’s circle are paramount, he made sure that every aspect of that circle was enhanced and included every level of the industry.

In recognition of his lasting influence and contributions to the equine industry in Alberta, the 2007 Distinguished Service Award was presented to David Reid on January 14, 2006 as an integral part of the Alberta Horse Breeders and Owners Conference at Red Deer, Alberta.

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