2001 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

Marg and Ron SouthernPrecious few have the vision, resolve and passion to truly turn their majestic dreams into an equally splendid reality.  Fewer yet seek to ensure that those dreams - come - reality are able to actualize, and accelerate, the heretofore seemingly unachievable aspirations of people from many walks of life. 

 For Marg and Ron Southern,  fulfilling their own dreams and graciously sharing that splendor with the world is known simply as “Spruce Meadows” - two words that represent not only the grandeur of the renowned facility, but more importantly, the values, integrity, dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence that its people, programs, products and productions represent.


Outstanding individuals joined together by their strengths and interests, and inseparable in there ongoing pursuit of excellence, Marg and Ron have served Alberta’s equine industry for over three decades in so many vitally important roles: passionate advocates for fair play and opportunities based on merit; master architects of unequaled facilities, programs, and “equine experiences”; engaging hosts to the world; catalysts and facilitators for bringing governments, industry, public and private sectors together: omniscient mentors; inspirational leaders; consummate patrons; champion citizens and ambassadors for the provinces equine industry; outstanding visionaries and navigators for positive change; and perhaps the essence of all their efforts, the creators of so many memorable equine moments that continually palpitate the hearts and dreams of people around the world.

It is with great pride that the Horse Industry Association of Alberta is able to bestow its Distinguished Service Award on Marg and Ron Southern - in recognition of their unsurpassed impact and contributions to the equine industry of Alberta.

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 Upcoming Events
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