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Alberta Horse Industry MissionTo provide a unified voice for the Alberta horse industry and strengthen it through advocacy, education and research.

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Alberta Horse IndustryA growing, profitable, united Alberta horse industry, recognized nationally and internationally.

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33rd Annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference


The 33rd Annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference takes place January 9-11 2015 in Red Deer, Alberta, at the Sheraton Hotel.HBOC Three Horses logo Presented by the non-profit organization Horse Industry Association of Alberta, the conference is a must-attend event for horse breeders, owners and riders with topics of interest for every horse enthusiast.

The Horse Breeders and Owners Conference welcomes delegates at 7pm on January 9th with an "Open Barn" reception in the Exhibit Hall. Due to popular demand, the “Open Barn” reception is once again open to the public free of charge to attend, socialize, network and shop around the equine trade show of over 50 sponsor booths. Quarter Horse News editor, Stacy Pigott, will kick off Saturday morning’s session at 8:40 am. Saturday evening provides a chance to network and socialize with wine, dessert, and entertainment. The conference continues until Sunday afternoon, and closes with the Fred Pearce Memorial Lecture delivered this year by Dr. David Fraser.

Internationally recognized speakers are coming from all over Canada and the United States:

Dr. Brenda Abbey (Alberta) - Healing with Horses: The Impact of Horses on the Human Brain
Martin Black (Idaho) - Reading the Horse: An Operator’s Manual
Claudia Cojocar (British Columbia) - Being Better Caretakers of Competitive Horses
Dr. Bob Coleman (Kentucky) – The Young Horse: Growing Up Is Hard Work and Is My Horse Fat? There’s an App for That
Dr. David Fraser (British Columbia) – Understanding Animal Welfare
Dr. Rebecca Gimenez (Georgia) – Emergency Preparedness on the Road and on the Trail
Dr. Sheryl King (Illinois) - How Stable Management Practices Impact Horse Behaviour Patterns
Dr. Stephen Peters (Utah) - Your Horse’s Brain: An Owner’s Manual
Stacy Pigott (Texas) - Training Practices for a Positive Image
Dr. Tony Willing (Ontario) - Fair Market Value: Equine Appraisals
Panel Discussion – Strategies to Grow the Horse Industry

Tickets for the Horse Breeders and Owners Conference are $125, $110 for additional registrants when pre-registering.  Registration is online here. Registrations will also be accepted at the door for $125 a person.

The Domestication of the Horse (part 2)


By Carolyn Willekes, PhDneohittie

The domestication of the horse had a massive impact on the development of human civilizations.  Although the horse continued to be used as a food source, he also came to fulfill a number of other essential roles in day-to-day life.  With domestication came the discovery that we could also ride and drive these animals.  For the first time in human history rapid, long-distance travel became possible.  The speed and stamina of the horse allowed people to venture beyond the familiarity of their villages and valleys into the wider world, resulting in the emergence of new cities, civilizations, religions and trade routes.  At the other end of the spectrum, however, was war.  So, on the one had, the horse helped civilizations to flourish, while on the other hand he became our most important tool of war.


Alberta Stables Association formed and Standards of Operation released


ASA colour Logo 2014
The Alberta Stables Association (ASA) has officially converted from a partner directed initiative, to a registered non-profit association for stables. The new association of stables reinforced their mandate with subsequent release of the, much anticipated, Standards of Operations manual for stables. This valuable manual was developed for all stable owners and operators alike. The newly formed ASA aims to involve as many members of Alberta’s stable community as possible, in order to create a solid voice for their unique industry.

The draft of the manual was available to be viewed and content recommendations made until March 5th, 2014. Every facet of the stable industry in Alberta including: stable owners, operators and managers as well as stable staff and clients were asked to provide input.


Generic Ivermectin


Regular eNews readers may remember last year’s announcement about the generic dewormer liquid Ivermectin for horses. Horse AVL3Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) partnered with Alberta Veterinary Labs (AVL) to develop the product with the help of funding from Alberta Meat and Livestock Agency.

Over the last year, the liquid Ivermectin has resulted in major savings for horse owners and breeders in Alberta and throughout Western Canada. Instead of paying $20-30 dollars to deworm each horse, the generic Ivermectin costs approximately $5 a horse.

The staff at HIAA had the opportunity to tour the AVL manufacturing plant in Calgary a few weeks ago. It is the only large manufacturing plant of sterile and non-sterile veterinary and human pharmaceuticals in Canada. The company produces quality economical products for local breeders and producers through the employment of over 80 staff right here in Calgary.


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 Upcoming Events
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