It was in Red Deer where Elena (Sokolovskaia) Golubitsky, first saw Adesco C in October of 2005. She knew she wanted to ride him and after only one pre-purchase ride, knew she had to buy him. There was only one problem: Adesco was bred to jump and Elena is an International FEI Dressage Competitor.00231b-Golubitsky-A

Adesco is the result of the carefully researched breeding program at Carleton & Co Warmbloods in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Leah Dyck, breeding manager and neice of Carleton & Co owners Susan and Ron Svarich, spent hours and hours researching pedigrees looking for a suitable match for their imported State Premium Holsteiner mare Zenit (Caribo/Tumbled xx/Faenrich).

Their breeding program is carefully researched to achieve their slogan: “Producing Jumping Horses that Move.” Leah’s research led her to a young stallion Ariadus (Accord II/Latus II/Laertes), who was eventually chosen to breed with Zenit after carefully examining his pedigree, conformation, temperament and production record. “As Zenit was quite proven we followed the breeding rule of putting an older, proven mare to a younger, less proven sire based on knowing what the mare produces as well as that of her family,” explains Leah.

When Adesco C arrived in 2002 and the family helped pull him out of his mother, they knew there was something special about him. “He was what we were hoping to improve with the breeding but with that little extra something,” says Leah.


Despite his “ugly duckling” stage as a yearling, Leah, Susan and Ron suspected he was stallion quality and sent him to Wachter Horses in Red Deer for training as a three year old. He was then licensed as a breeding stallion with the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association with a premium score and high marks for his gallop and ability over fences.

00145b-Golubitsky-AWhen Elena saw him, she saw his ability to move. “I waited 20 years for a horse like that” she says.

And so the negotiations began.

“We knew of Elena before from her time in Canada and knew that she would provide a good home for Adesco and would get him out showing. However, we first had to get over the fact that a Grand Prix DRESSAGE rider wanted our upper level JUMPER prospect! After their first meeting, though, we knew this was the home for Adesco,” says Leah.
Elena was born in Minsk, Belarus but lived in Calgary for over 10 years before marrying and moving to Ohio, where she, and now Adesco, currently live. They compete at the PSG/I-1 level. Adesco has inspired Elena to create her company “Adesco Dressage,” which operates out of Blue Moon Stables in Ohio.  

Between 2006 and 2009, Elena and Adesco traveled and competed extensively in the Eastern United States. Together they earned many Unites States Dressage Federation (USDF) Awards including 2009 USDF All-Breed Horse of the Year – Stallion Champion (Holsteiner).

Unfortunately, late in 2009 Elena broke her back and had to take 5 months off. Her friend Barb Grove took over lunging Adesco while Elena was off so Adesco would have something to do.

“When I was ready to come back, he was happy. [After] I had broken my back, he said ‘it’s okay mom, I’m going to dance for you.’”10276-Golubitsky-A

Since breaking her back, Adesco is one of only two horses Elena will now ride. She feels safe riding him and that’s saying a lot, considering he’s a big horse at 17.2 hands high. “He’s a big horse but has a sweet personality,” she comments.

And he hasn’t forgotten how to jump either. “Adesco loves to jump and Elena loves Adesco so she often takes him free jumping just for fun. And likely, she enjoys turning down the offers from top level jumper riders!” says Leah.

Now back in the saddle, Elena and Adecso are polishing their dressage skills and have been working with top trainers like George Williams, Lars Petersen, Christoph Hess and current World Champion Edward Gal. After attending a clinic with Edward Gal, he told Elena that Adesco is an international quality horse and should be doing the qualifiers for the Olympics.

Her sights are set on London 2012, competing for either the Canadian or USA Olympic team. “Adesco puts his heart in every performance he does. That’s the beauty of him, he likes to work,” Elena says.

Carefully bred here in Alberta, Adesco is made of the quality to go all the way to the Olympics. Adesco’s Albertan family is cheering them on. “As Adesco’s breeders and fans, we will do whatever we can to help them realize their Olympic dream!”


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