Lynn Danyluk was looking for just the right mare to breed to her Morgan stud, and wanted one willing and able to go all the many places that Lynn wanted to go. After viewing hundreds of fillies in her search, in November of 2003, she saw the one that just wouldn’t leave her mind. Cas-sel Canadian Classic was bred by Dwayne and Myrna Casselman of High River and was out of the Morgan mare, Brymore Mayflower, by Morgan stallion Barbeejays Destino. After so much searching, Lynn still had to qualify, as Dwayne and Myrna are very careful to select the people to purchase their horses. Luckily, she passed the test and C.C. was hers.

As soon as Lynn picked her up, C.C. found herself in a whirlwind of events, camps, parades, and shows and she handled it all with grace, even at her young and tender age. There seemed to be nothing she would not try and she trusted Lynn completely. At two she was sent to Colleen DeVry of Nightwind Arabians for show training and, later that year, C.C. impressed the judges and took home the championship from the Warden Horse Show. She was presented at the Alberta Horse Improvement Show, scoring 82% and the following year, received top honours in the performance classes. In 2009, C.C. earned the Alberta High-Point Championships for Competitive Trail and Trail Pleasure, and the National High Point Championship for Trail Pleasure by the Canadian Morgan Horse Association.

At 4 years old, Cas-sel Canadian Classic gave birth to an outstanding colt. She was a great first-time mother, caring for an orphan filly as well as her own. For Lynn, C.C. has been the ultimate companion, never letting her down, working without complaint, and only holding back when it was unsafe to do otherwise. For the herd she is part of, C.C. took over the position of herd leader at just three years old, when the original alpha mare ran through a barbed wire fence. C.C. didn’t just take over the herd, she cared for the injured mare, allowing Angel to sleep on her rump because she could not lie down.

Due to Lynn’s disability, C.C. won’t carry her rider to high places in the show ring, but her incredible heart has given Lynn hope and the ability to believe in herself. The best part is that whenever Lynn is in the saddle, she feels she is with her very dearest of friends.