2004 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

For six decades, the life-paths of Bruce Roy and the Bruce Roymagnificence of the Heavy Horse have been inseparably linked. Like those “gentle giants” he so enthusiastically promoted through thick and thin, the impact of his efforts have been colossal. His wisdom, dedication and personal touch have been indelibly etched on both the history and future success of the Heavy Horse Industry.


Bruce is renowned world wide for his knowledge and unbridled faith in the heavy horse breeds. A breeder of outstanding Percherons since 1957, he has used his alter ego “Fetlock” to promote the other draft breeds with equal exuberance.  A master of both written and spoken word, his engaging style has invariably educated and captivated audiences throughout North America. Precious few can match his zest, knowledge and virtuoso-like efforts; tens of thousands have benefited from them.


In many ways, Roy’s accomplishments, strength, and character uniquely compares to the majestic animal he so proudly cherishes: a big heart-surely as big as the royal beast he brings to life; big, bold eyes set high above the crowds-for which he uses to sagely view both what is past and what lays ahead; strong shoulders-to effortlessly bear load; strong underpinnings-to promote a sound and steady pace; versatility-to hook as lead or on the wheel; the instantaneous comfort and warmth he brings the crowds; action that matches the needs-be they workmanlike or truly symphonic in nature; a proud history, an even brighter future. If a draft horse could wish for reincarnation, surely that wish would be a Bruce Roy.

It is with great pride that the Horse Industry Association of Alberta bestows its Distinguished Service Award on Bruce Roy-in recognition of his lasting influence and contributions to the equine industry in Alberta.