by Bill desBarres, AEF, AFAC

Reports to the SPCA about horses suspected in distress have increased over the last few years. It is the time of year when livestock, including horses, need extra attention not less. Feed is higher priced this year and parts of the province of Alberta have been overgrazed because of the year and the number of animals, and snow is now covering the ground. 

It is imperative that we, as stewards of our friend the horse, pay attention to our own and observe animals in distress. If you observe or are aware that livestock, including horses, are in distress and/or compromised in any way please report it to the Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) Alert Line (you may remain anonymous if you wish). 

AFACSometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge from a friend or fellow horseperson to alert people regarding the condition of their livestock.