“Fantastic! Every year I learn so much! Education in this industry is so vital for the wellbeing of our horses.”

“Excellent sessions. Great value for time and money.”

 “My first conference since I was a young adult. I learned a lot, rekindled an old passion for horses. Also given me ideas and encouragement to get my children involved in the horse industry.”

“This is always one of the better deals of the year.”

“I come every year and I think that this is always a great conference and is such a great learning tool for me. It gives me a lot of information that is helpful in my horse farm.”

“Excellent once again. My brain will be busy absorbing and processing for a while. Two thumbs up!”

“Thank you for taking the time and putting in tons of work so that we can have world class speakers informing us of up to date and valuable information.”

“We are so fortunate to have an annual event of this caliber so easily accessible to Alberta's horse people.”

“Thoroughly impressed with the level of education and expertise and broad spectrum of topics.”

“Everyone was made to feel like they were part of the conference. I felt welcomed to a place where the horse industry is moving forward.”

“A must for horse owners to attend; always something new to learn.”