Following an announcement made last spring by Equine Canada announcing that helmets are required for dressage riders competing at Fourth Level and below, they have now issued further rules in regards to helmet use in dressage.

On December 27 2011, Equine Canada implemented a national rule change, which will require all riders to wear helmets for all levels of Equine Canada sanctioned dressage competition. The rule came into effect on January 1 2012 and requires all riders, regardless of age or level or competition, to wear ASTM/SEI or BSI/BS EN approved protective headgear at all times when mounted at any EC-sanctioned Dressage competition at the event location.


In the press release, Michael Gallagher, president of Equine Canada states, “I am very proud of our Dressage Committee for taking this step. I believe we are the first national federation in the world to introduce this rule across all levels, and I can guarantee we will not be the last.”

This rule change came after an open, democratic process, in which all Canadian dressage riders had a chance to express their views to the proposal.
For more information, please visit the Equine Canada website.