Effective and Updated Deworming ProtocolsEla Misuno

The session provides an overview of what’s new in equine parasite control, and answers why we say goodbye to “one-fits-all” deworming schedule. Owners’ know-how guide to horse’s parasites and to managing herd health in regards to fecal testing, treatments and environmental control in Canada.

Dr. Ela Misuno is currently a Manager and Technical Service Veterinarian for Equines with Vetoquinol Canada. Originally from Poland, Dr. Misuno gained her experience as an equine practitioner in private practice in Denmark, followed by a three year internal medicine residency at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) at the University of Saskatchewan. She obtained her master's degree in equine parasitology and completed a study on feacal egg count repeatability and resistance to dewormers in herds in the Saskatoon area.