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Each month we feature an Alberta horse who has made an impact. This may be a champion of competition or a champion in some less public way. If you have or know of a horse that is a fine example of an “Alberta Horse”, tell us why, send us a photo and each month we’ll feature one horse that stands out from the herd.


altSheila Watson first spotted Special-T when she and a friend went to look at a herd of Rocky Mountain Horses at Delta Dawn Farms, Goodfish Lake, AB. Sheila had raised Morgans for years and was not interested in buying a horse of another breed but was struck by the similarity in conformation and history to the Morgan Horse. As they were leaving, a little chocolate mare with a silver mane and tail looked out at Sheila through the boards of her paddock and, after three weeks of not being able to put her from her thoughts, Sheila owned her.



head shotRR Gar-Sun is a 1990 bay Arabian stallion owned by Rae Ralston of Sherwood Park. In Rae’s words, he has been a wonderful gift, a once in a lifetime horse. Although Rae did not breed his dam, she purchased her in foal, and had the pleasure of raising Gar-Sun from birth. Right from the start he let her know he was something special, his talent coming from a long line of superior performance horses, most notably Bask, Faraon, Emin by Celebes, Bandos, Nabor, Gazon, Ferzon and Surneyn.


altWe often talk about Canada's "little iron horse" and, deservedly so, mean the Canadian breed, but we have our own "little horses of iron" right here in Alberta. Anyone driving across Morley Flats, the last piece of open ground before the Rockies on the Trans Canada Highway, has likely seen the horses out grazing on the dry, yellowed grass. These horses come in all sizes and shapes but many show signs of draft blood, evidenced by their often feathered feet, stocky build, thick bone and wild manes. They can be seen fending for themselves out on the windswept prairie in all weather and at all times of year. These are tough and hardy animals.



Never, in her wildest dreams did Allison imagine how much they would accomplish together. "Fireman" is the only full Arabian to win both the Amateur and Open divisions at Canadian Nationals and U.S. Nationals in the same year.


Buenos Aires is the first Alberta-bred horse and the first Canadian Warmblood to represent Canada at the Olympic Games. To add to this, in the history of the Olympics, only one other horse has been bred, raised, trained and ridden by the same family or individual.


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