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Information about Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) from Chief Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Gerald Hauer. Click to read the letter issued to Alberta Horse Owners.

Volume 33, Number 11, issue of Quarter Horse News featured a story written by Bridget Kirkwood Cook entitled "A Head Worth Saving." The article advocates wearing a helmet when riding a horse. A six year study on horse-related deaths from Alberta is cited in the article. Thank you to Katie Tims, editor of Quarter Horse News, for giving Horse Industry Association of Alberta the permission to put the article up on our website! Click to download the article.

In previous issues of our eNews, we announced that a Joint Steering Committee had been formed to clarify the responsibilities of the Equine Canada (EC) and the provincial/territorial federations. The deadline to finalize negociations was August 1.

Media Release

The Joint Steering Committee of Equine Canada announces a successful settlement has been reached between Equine Canada and its provincial/territorial partners

The Joint Steering Committee (JSC), comprised of representatives of Equine Canada, provinces/territories participating in Equine Canada programs, and non-participating provinces and territories, has concluded negotiations and has reached agreement on roles, governance structure and finance. This agreement will enable Equine Canada and its provincial/territorial partners to reunite and collaborate more effectively in the future.


These negotiations were a culmination of a mediation process that began in earnest in March 2011, when the Canadian equestrian community established the JSC and authorized it to explore options for the future governance and management of Equine Canada. Over the period of May and June, three volunteer sub-committees addressing governance, roles and responsibilities, and financial models worked tirelessly to prepare recommendations and options for the JSC's consideration.


 Alberta Horse IndustryFor the last two months, horse owners have been hyper-aware of Equine Herpes. Horse owners took it upon themselves to get information. While educating yourself about horse health issues and keeping up to date on current events is important, it is equally important to make sure the information comes “straight from the horse’s mouth.”




The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is conducting a survey to gain stakeholder insights on the Codes of Practice and views on the care and handling of equine. Revisions to the Equine Code of Practice are projected to be finished in 2013. Please take their survey and add your voice to the process. The survey takes ten minutes to complete. 

To take the survey and to learn more about the Code of Practice, visit theNFACC website.


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