Regular eNews readers may remember last year’s announcement about the generic dewormer liquid Ivermectin for horses. Horse AVL3Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) partnered with Alberta Veterinary Labs (AVL) to develop the product with the help of funding from Alberta Meat and Livestock Agency.

Over the last year, the liquid Ivermectin has resulted in major savings for horse owners and breeders in Alberta and throughout Western Canada. Instead of paying $20-30 dollars to deworm each horse, the generic Ivermectin costs approximately $5 a horse.

The staff at HIAA had the opportunity to tour the AVL manufacturing plant in Calgary a few weeks ago. It is the only large manufacturing plant of sterile and non-sterile veterinary and human pharmaceuticals in Canada. The company produces quality economical products for local breeders and producers through the employment of over 80 staff right here in Calgary.


Dr. Merle Olsen of AVL walked us through the plant, which manufactures a variety of products from medically sterile water to IV bags for animals and humans to the plastic containers for the products, and, of course, Ivermectin Liquid for Horses.

The product is available through your local veterinarian or feed store.



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