What do you do when you have a great group of broodmares but no stallion? Kim Baerg found herself with that particular problem in 2009.aKim_and_Diesel_sm

Kim Baerg has had horses and donkeys since she was 16 years old and breeding them since 1988.  First she bred donkeys and then later saddle horses and mules. She also went through the Horse Breeders School at Olds College and has a diploma in Animal Sciences.

Kim and Bruce own Fox Spring Farm, which is located west of Cochrane, Alberta.

With a lifelong passion for breeding animals, being without a star stallion was a huge problem when Kim found herself short a stallion when her older foundation stallion was about to retire.

Then a certain stallion, a Quarter Horse with the registered name Sirtainly Sierra, caught her attention.

Sirtainly Sierra, or “Diesel” as he is known at home, was foaled on April 18 2005 in Camrose, Alberta, and was bred by John and Gail Muirhead. He is sired by Sir Cool Skip, a two time World Champion Halter Sire. His dam is Ms Star Sierra, a Reserve World Champion producer.

Diesel started his career at an early age being trained and shown by Cyril Desjarlais during his first few years, then by Michelle Smith and Susan and Alvin VanDamme. Kim decided to purchase him because, as she puts it, “he had been show so much and was a pro at it!”

Kim decided to finish his AQHA Superior, which meant attaining 50 Open Halter Points. Kim began learning the world of Halter horses. Kim says, “I had to learn how to fit and show and with the help of my friend Harald Blishen we added 5 open points in 2010 and only had 8 to go.”

It took Diesel coming into Kim’s life for her to realize her passion for Halter horses. Kim comments, “I like the halter. They are so beautiful. They are the perfect Quarter Horse!”aDiesel_sm

In between the 2010 and 2011 show season, Diesel was busy in the breeding shed and Kim and her daughter Megan Campbell were busy with a brand new barn and new stallion. However, after a few months hard work, they were ready for the 2011 show season.

Kim comments, “We went to every show in Alberta and some in Saskatchewan and by September we finished with a total of 51 Open points at the QHAA Fall Final in Olds, AB.  Diesel knew it was his last show and went out of the arena with a little show-off rear. The really amazing thing is that Diesel earned 98% of all his points in Canada!”

Diesel’s performance record proves that he stands out from the rest. Out of the 92 shows he was entered in, he achieved 87 wins, 49 Grands and 17 Reserves. 
He has the true personality of a show horse who enjoys the pampered life. Kim says, “he is quite a show off, he learned how to swing a rope in his stall and can get quite a loop going. He loves people, attention and loves to pull on zippers of jackets. He really loves people and lots of the times, enjoys the company of people more than other horses.”

aDiesel_at_National_smAlthough currently retired from the show ring, he will have a busy career in the breeding shed ahead of him. Fox Spring Farm is looking forward to many years of beautiful foals. His 2010 foals are already showing promise in the show ring with one winning the Alberta Paint Horse Club-Yearling Halter Mare Champion and the CCF Paint Futurity in Olds in June of 2011 for a total of $921.61.

For Kim, he has already proven his worth by getting her involved in the Halter class and becoming the feature stallion of her barn. She says, “We look forward to Diesel having a long and profitable career, first in the show pen which he has already succeeded in and next in the breeding shed as a sire of beautiful winners.  We are really proud of him earning his AQHA Superior Halter and extra proud we did in mostly in Canada and Alberta!”

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