altEven though our December feature is not technically “a horse”, Windy Ridge Mister S is certainly deserving of recognition under the title of “featured equine”. 

Mister S is a Canadian Donkey and Mule Association registered and inspected mammoth jack donkey. Born July 14, 1991, at Leslieville, Alberta, Mister S is the offspring of Windy Ridge Klondike Mike and Dry Gulch Sweet Nuthin. He was bred by Carl and Sybil Sewell and then purchased by Ron & Ruth Morphy of Sundown Donkey Farm, at just 4 months old. Mister S has been with the Morphys ever since.

altMister S has sired numerous donkey and mule foals over the years, with many of his offspring participating in shows, demonstrations, parades, and pleasure rides and drives. His daughters seem to be the high achievers, with one participating in the breed demonstrations at Spruce Meadows, others competing at the Tees Longears Days in Red Deer, and a group of four making up Ron Morphys “four sister” hitch. This four-up team of black mammoth jennies has shown at Pioneer Acres Pioneer Days at Irricana, the cutter parade in Lacombe, the Gimlet Cutter Rally and the Bowden parade.

Mister S has a great personality, a kind disposition and lots of energy. In addition to his duties as a breeding jack, he is broke to drive and likes to work. You may think that Mister S is getting a little “long in the tooth” at the age of 19, but donkeys typically live longer than horses with a life expectancy of 30-50 years. It looks like the Morphys will have the pleasure of Mister S’ company for many years to come.

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