altIt’s always nice when your kids help out with the family business, and this is just what happened for Quarter Horse stallion, Fast Moon Chic when he qualified as 2009’s leading barrel horse sire, with a little help from daughter Martha's Ebony Moon. 

Trina Swerbus purchased Ebony as a yearling from Denis Sanregret. She was a huge fan of the Martha Six Moons, Billiesbrownbomber, Shawne Bug and Beduino lines, so when she originally spoke to Denis about the filly, she was already very interested. When she saw Ebony, she had to have her. Trina started Ebony as a 2 year old and rode her out and about for her 2 and 3 year old years. The spring she turned 4, she sent her to Dave Manning for the summer, to fix up some of her training mistakes. By May the following year they were ready for their first futurity. Ebony finished 8th in Canada in her futurity year, 5th in Canada in her first derby year, and finished her second derby year the 2009 Canadian Derby High Point Champion. That same year, Ebony was 4th in North America in derby money earnings. 

altTrina has met a number of Fast Moon Chic offspring owners over the years, and Ebony fits right into the family. Every owner has expressed what kind, vocal horses these are and the remarkable talent they possess. She says that Ebony makes her look good, loves to runs barrels and gives 100% every time. Even in her pen, she is constantly running, always trying to encourage the other horses to run with her, but most often just out there lapping the field on her own. She talks to Trina every morning as Trina leaves for work, running to the fence to see her off. This huge personality also really keeps Trina on her toes. Coasting through the pattern or just warming up in an arena, Ebony will spook at every barrel, and anything else she sees, making Trina wonder how she will possibly get it together to make a run. But, when it’s time to go to work, Ebony is all business, and always gets the job done in fine form. 
altEbony sustained a suspensory injury in February of 2010 and the decision was made to give her a year off. As it turned out, it’s good timing, since Trina is pregnant and due in December. She still lightly rides her every day, and has been given the green light from the vet to get her back in shape and run, but now Ebony has to wait for Trina, who won’t be back in full training until the spring. In addition to a new member of her human family, Trina is looking forward to the arrival of Ebony's full brother in the spring, with the dam bred back to Fast Moon Chic.
In 2011, a new adventure, Trina and Ebony will be out tearing up the rodeo circuit, a first for both of them. Unfailingly, Fast Moon Chic passes on his incredible heart to his offspring, and Trina believes he gave a double dose to Martha’s Ebony Moon.

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