Cimarron trailerSome of you use your trailers as much or more in the winter as in the summer, but there are a bunch of us whose interaction with our horses over the winter mostly involves a lot of hay pitching. The horse trailer gets parked, drifted in with snow and mostly ignored until the first clinic, lesson, show or trail ride of the season.

When you do pull that trailer out of moth balls for the first trip of the year, Kris Canaday of Bar T5 Trailer Sales has a few reminders for you: 


  • Check the breakaway battery and switch.
  • Repack the bearings. Most manufacturers suggest you repack every 15,000 kms, but even if you aren’t using the trailer, moisture can get into the bearings through the winter if it is parked outside.
  • Check the lights and brakes, and then check wiring for loose connections or frayed coverings.
  • Check the roof to make sure there are no cracks in the caulking.
  • Lube all hinges (windows and doors). Make sure the lubrication is worked into the hinge (don’t just spray it).
  • Check tire wear, tire pressure, and valve stems for cracks.
  • Remove the mats and check the floor boards for any deterioration of materials or broken welds.
  • Check that hitch welds, safety chain welds and snaps are in good repair.
  • Inspect ramp hinges and springs for weakness and cracks.
  • Visually inspect all components of your suspension for signs of excess wear, elongation of bolt holes, and loosening of fasteners.

If you don’t feel you are mechanical enough to complete all of the above, enlist a qualified professional to do the work for you.

Now if you’re one of the fortunate to have a little “home away from home” (aka living quarters) in your trailer, check our April issue for some spring maintenance tips. Kris says that unless you want to be out in the woods saying, “Dang, it worked last fall!” be sure to catch this April article.


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