2009 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

eldon-and-peggyAs accomplished as they are as individuals, the equine legacy of both Peggy McDonald and Eldon Bienert is truly that of two immaculately merging into one. For more than 40 years these two have combined their considerable skills, passions and synergies to benefit equines and their equestrian counterparts across the land. These efforts truly personify the word "team".


Eldon and Peggy are best known for their myriad of efforts on behalf of their breed of choice - their beloved Morgan. They were amongst the first to import Morgans into Alberta, export Alberta-bred Morgans to Europe, and dare to demonstrate that Alberta-bred Morgans and their home grown and trained exhibitors could readily compete and win at the world level. Their Dawnville Farms - first established near Leduc in 1973 and still flourishing - has produced a number of world-class horses and riders. The DVF prefix that graces so many outstanding Morgan pedigrees today is synonymous with the integrity, quality and versatility their program has always strived for.

Their contributions on behalf of the Canadian Morgan breed are much too numerous to list; let it suffice to say that if it was in the best interests of the Morgan Horse (especially if there was a need to protect or move forward, or an opportunity to promote or enhance) chances are very good that this unique team was quick to respond...and in it until the task was successfully completed.

Their dedication and influence has by no means been limited to the Morgan hoof print. For many years they have been relentless in improving the equine world through their efforts with the Equine Foundation of Canada - a nonprofit organization that supports our veterinary colleges through grants, scholarships, and the purchase of specialized equipment to aid in equine teaching and research. This is just one more example of the incredible vision and purpose, unwavering support and involvement, and big picture devotion to the Equine that has been part of their daily routine for many decades.

On January 10, 2009, at the 27th annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, the Horse Industry Association of Alberta proudly presented the Distinguished Service Award to Peggy McDonald and Eldon Bienert in recognition of their lasting influence and significant contributions to the equine industry in Alberta.

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