Bill Colins2000 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

The pure essence of one’s contributions and achievements can usually be found in the words used to describe him. Occasionally, however, the sheer magnitude of a person’s accomplishments and character outdistances even the most  noble  of  words.  Such  is the  case in trying to capture the full impact of Mr. Bill Collins – our omniscient master  horseman.


Mentor, teacher, judge, role model, industry icon, many times a national champion in a multitude of disciplines, idol, royal performer, inventor, legendary equine artisan – these words only partially capture his achievements in the equine world. Other words, such as integrity, commitment, consummate good citizen, compassionate advocate, unwavering dedication, unpretentious, intrinsic trust, intuitive, an indefatigable will to give more, a compelling drive to make a positive difference each and every day – these only partially describe the depth and strength of his character. And yet, as internationally renowned and acclaimed as he is, Albertans from all segments of the equine world have the distinct pleasure of knowing him simply as “Bill” – their friend, confidant, and fellow competitor.

It is with great pride  that  the  Horse  Industry  Association  of  Alberta  honour Mr. Bill Collins as the inaugural recipient of  its distinguished Service Award – in recognition of the magnitude and magnificence of his contributions to the equine industry in Alberta.

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