When the Hack family purchased a 40-acre stable facility NE of Calgary in 1984, they inherited one of its residents, a 15 hh palomino gelding named Goldie. Goldie was in his teens at the time, with an already lengthy resume of teaching people to ride. Anyone could ride him -- children, adults, beginners to more experienced riders -- and Goldie had a way of matching the needs of each individual. In addition to his teaching duties, when one of the Hack daughters needed a mount to participate in a jumping program, Goldie took up jumping. If a boarder was looking for a quiet, reliable mount for a friend to ride, Goldie headed out on the trail.


The amazing part is that Goldie still resides at Calta Stables and is still saddling up for the odd lesson -- just to keep in shape he says. Let’s see, it’s 2007, he was a teenager in 1984, that puts Goldie well into his thirties with literally hundreds of students to his credit. Well done Goldie…you’ve certainly lived up to your name.