The summer season is approaching fast and if you plan to haul horses East, you should be aware of the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative. The West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative is part of Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) initiatives focused on emergency preparedness for the livestock industry in Canada. The control site is located on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba-Ontario border.


The WHL Zone control site is open 24/7 - 365 and is designed to monitor and control Canadian livestock movements, including horse transportation. Currently, the program is voluntary but participation is appreciated.  The data collected is critical to disease management. The more comprehensive the data is, the more likely the CAHC will be able to identify all premises that may be affected during a disease outbreak. The control site staff members ask for the location where the animals were loaded onto the trailer and their destination, information about any stops in between for feed and water, and the license plate of the container or trailer. If you are able to provide a provincial Premises Identification (PID) number and a Legal Land Description, they will be able to make an electronic version of the crossing that can be posted on the database (housed within CCIA) for your reference. Information collected at the control site is only accessed in an emergency.

For more information, visit the CAHC website.