March 2015

By Kathleen WinfieldP1020497

Spring is approaching – are you and your horses ready?  There are quite a few tasks you can be doing now so you are ready to get out and enjoy your horses once winter has left us.  Our outdoor equestrian activity season can be short so you want to be prepared to get out and take full advantage of the good weather and footing when we get it!

Inspect your tack – now is the time to go over all your horse related tack including saddles, harness, bridles, halters, blankets etc.  Insure everything is clean and repairs are completed where required – pay particular attention to straps and buckles making sure there are no tears or signs of excessive wear. Do some “spring cleaning” and organizing in your tack area so that you know where everything is and can find exactly what you want when you want it.  Make sure all your grooming supplies and clean and in good working order.  For those who clip their horses, now is the time to inventory your clipper blades to determine which ones need sharpening or replacing.

Inspect/service your truck and trailer – insure your truck is current on all servicing as you don’t want to start your season withP1020482 mechanical issues.  Pay particular attention to your trailer – inspect everything including the floor under the mats.   Check the tires – they don’t last forever even if you have low mileage on them.  Check the entire hitch assembly including the emergency braking system.  Insure all the electrical components are working properly including exterior and interior lights and brake lights.  Make sure the reflective material on your trailer is all intact – sometimes that material can wear out when exposed to the elements and actually come off your trailer.  The more visible your trailer is on the road, the safer you will be.



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