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By Carolyn Willekes, PhDneohittie

The domestication of the horse had a massive impact on the development of human civilizations.  Although the horse continued to be used as a food source, he also came to fulfill a number of other essential roles in day-to-day life.  With domestication came the discovery that we could also ride and drive these animals.  For the first time in human history rapid, long-distance travel became possible.  The speed and stamina of the horse allowed people to venture beyond the familiarity of their villages and valleys into the wider world, resulting in the emergence of new cities, civilizations, religions and trade routes.  At the other end of the spectrum, however, was war.  So, on the one had, the horse helped civilizations to flourish, while on the other hand he became our most important tool of war.


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The Alberta Stables Association (ASA) has officially converted from a partner directed initiative, to a registered non-profit association for stables. The new association of stables reinforced their mandate with subsequent release of the, much anticipated, Standards of Operations manual for stables. This valuable manual was developed for all stable owners and operators alike. The newly formed ASA aims to involve as many members of Alberta’s stable community as possible, in order to create a solid voice for their unique industry.

The draft of the manual was available to be viewed and content recommendations made until March 5th, 2014. Every facet of the stable industry in Alberta including: stable owners, operators and managers as well as stable staff and clients were asked to provide input.



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