February 2014

On January 29, Bill C-322 was ammended with the following exception:
"That exception is that if the horses or other equines are raised primarily for human consumption and if the horse is accompanied by a medical record that contains its standardized description and a complete lifetime record in chronological order of medical treatment then this meat would then be acceptable."

This is now Bill C-571.

Read the full text of Bill C-571 here.

This bill is still anti-slaughter and will have detrimental effects on horses and the horse industry. When horse processing was effectively banned in the United States, horse welfare was compromised. The "unwanted horse" endures neglect, abandonment, and prolonged suffering. The kind of legislation introduced in Bill C-571 will lead to an increase in unacceptable horse welfare issues. 

Please contact your MP to educate them about the negative effects this bill will have on the welfare of our horses and the horse industry in Canada.  


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