November 2012

The Horse Breeders and Owners Conference is excited to present Frank Merrill as a speaker.

Re-printed with permission from America's Horse Daily.

From America’s Horse
As Frank Merrill thumbed through the pages of the May 1969 Western Horseman, his eyes stopped on a small picture of a man in a cardigan sweater aMiss_Jim45posing a red dun mare. The mare gave him goose bumps. “Miss Jim 45, shown by Matlock Rose, Grand Champion Mare of the Houston Livestock Show,” it read.
A 20-year-old Michigan State student and aspiring Quarter Horse showman, Merrill knew Rose by reputation and knew he lived in Gainesville, Texas. He decided to give him a call.
“Mr. Rose,” he began, “You don’t know me, but I’m Frank Merrill of Fremont, Michigan, and I’ve just seen this picture of you and Miss Jim 45. I’d like to know if she’s for sale.”
“Are you sitting down?” Rose asked. “Because we want quite a bit of money for her.”
How much?” Merrill quietly asked.
“Thirty thousand dollars,” Rose replied.
“Mr. Rose, I’m coming out west after school gets out in June,” Merrill said. “I may not buy her, but I’d sure like to see a $30,000 mare.”


The Canadian Sport Horse Association Alberta Chapter (CSHA) is pleased to hold their Provincial Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the 31st annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference at the Sheraton Red Deer. The Horse Breeders and Owners Conference takes place January 11-13, 2013 and features 16 internationally recognized speakers on a wide variety of topics of interest to horse breeders, owners, and horse enthusiasts.

The AGM will begin at 5:00 pm on Saturday, January 12, 2013, in a Boardroom at the Sheraton. There is no cost to attend the AGM. Everyone is welcome to attend, but only 2013 members in good standing will be able to vote. Refreshments will be provided and no pre-registration is necessary.


LIS is offering a free brand and a free copy of the 2013 Brand Book to the individual, partnership or company, who registers the 50,000th brand in the province of Alberta. All applications will be processed in the date order that they are received with money and all supporting documents in place.

The winner will be announced on January 4th 2013 and contacted directly on or about the same day. Visit for information regarding registering a brand.

Please download the PDF here.


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 Upcoming Events
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