July 2012

- by Cpl E.A. Turco, RCMP Livestock Investigator

Your worst nightmare has come true. Your horse is missing.

Calm down and breathe. First, has he gotten out of his enclosure and maybe just strayed?An_empty_paddock

Look for physical signs-a downed fence, open gate or hoof prints heading out the driveway. Search the area and contact your neighbours. Pay special attention to other horses in your area as it's common for people to put stray horses into the nearest enclosure.

Depending on the population density in your area, spread your search appropriately, as horses have been know to travel quite a distance in a short time. Slow down! You don't need a speeding ticket or a motor vehicle accident to complicate matters.

Still no luck? Check with the nearest Livestock Identification Services brand inspector to report your horse missing and determine if they had a stray matching your horse reported captured. Next, check with your local RCMP detachment to see if someone has reported a captured stray and if not, advise them of your missing horse, and the possibility of it being stolen.


Summer is here and people are itching to hook up that trailer. If your plans have you travelling East with horses, you should be aware of the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative. The West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative is part of Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) initiatives focused on emergency preparedness for the livestock industry in Canada. The control site is located on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba-Ontario border.


Equine owners and others with an interest in equine welfare have an opportunity to provide input into the revision to Canada's Equine Code of Practice through online surveys.
The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is conducting a third stakeholder survey to gain further input as the Equine Code of Practice is revised. The Code will serve as our national understanding of equine care requirements and recommended best practices.

NFACC is overseeing a multi-year project to renew the Codes of Practice for several farm animal species, including equine. Each species has a lead organization responsible for facilitating their individual Code's development.  For equine, it's Equine Canada.



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