1. Because Of Horses - Lessons Learned, Lessons Livedtreesselfportrait

Because of Horses -  Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived is a visual chronicle of Scott Trees lifetime experiences with horses, people, and cultures from his photographic journeys throughout the world. Says Trees, "Because of Horses, I have been able to travel the world, meeting interesting horses, and people. As result of these experiences, I grew and learned a lot of life lessons along the way." Often humorous, but motivational and inspirational, Trees shares many stories and experiences that have impacted his life because of horses. The entire time he speaks, he enthralls the audience by showing his incredible images in support of the stories he shares .

2. Using Video and Photos in Equine Marketing

Images are important in advertising. Marketing in todays media rich content world, is not an easy task. There are literally millions of photographs and videos being printed and posted daily. Marketing horses is no different than any other business and in this presentation, Scott Trees shares the commercial side of his photograph and video experience. He also discusses the importance of image in advertising.

Scott Trees, as a creative artist, strives to bring the extraordinary out of the ordinary, not just in his work but his life. For over four decades he has traveled the world in search of his primary photographic subject, the horse. A winner of numerous awards for his talent, in 2009 Scott was the featured artist at the prestigious Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse.




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