Tradition, Progression & Education in the Equine IndustryJed Pugsley

With the general public being so removed from agriculture, the equine industry is often targeted by critic groups and ever changing perception of the public. When faced with criticism from such groups, those involved in the equine industry often respond with an emotional response which only feeds to the critic’s agenda. Often we find ourselves toeing the line between tradition and progression with no clear route. The possibilities are endless when we decide to take proactive approach rather than being complacent or reacting. Each one of us has a responsibility to the animals in which we are entrusted, telling our story and showing we care is critical to the future of the industry.

Jed was born and raised in the small town of Park Valley, Utah on a family owned and operated cattle ranch. While on the ranch, he quickly gained a love and respect for all types of livestock. Jed attended Utah State University in Logan, UT majoring in Agriculture Business and minoring in Animal Science.He was very involved and active in 4-H, FFA, and other livestock based clubs and organizations. Through his professional career, Jed has been exposed to a wide variety issues facing the livestock industry today including production agriculture, research, animal health, law enforcement, government relations, and livestock use opposition.

Jed became employed with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) in August of 2015 and is responsible for administering the PRCA Livestock Welfare Program. Areas in which the program oversees include education, media relations, livestock health issues, industry support, government relations, and overall livestock welfare issues. When Jed has time off he enjoys spending time with his family, roaming the outdoors, and researching various livestock legal issues and laws. Jed and his wife Cami, two girls, two dogs, and various other animals now make their home in Peyton, Colorado.       


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