The atmosphere was electric; there were ample amounts of champagne and the bleachers were packed with people eager to start bidding on the horsesaUlrikeR up for sale.

So began the first ever Canadian Sport Horse Association (CSHA) Select Sale last September at Creekside Farm in Calgary, Alberta. The sale ended with the fall of the hammer. The high selling horse sold for a cool $60,000.00

That five year old mare, Cabernet, was the first horse to be born at Creekside Farm by their stallion Ikoon. Linda Ackermann comments, “My family has been involved with Ikoon since he was very young, so nearly 20 years. He came to Canada in 2001 and when my husband and I built our facility he came to live with us.”

Ikoon enjoyed a successful show jumping career in Europe at the National Grand Prix and International Nation’s Cup level. He is the sire of 2011 World Cup Finals Competitor, Ulriche R.

Creekside Farm produces four to six foals a year in a breeding program that is based on producing quality. “We breed for outstanding athletic ability with kind temperament, says Linda, “This starts with the mare. I won't breed a mare that I wouldn't want to buy.”

“With spring coming, Ikoon is getting excited and likes to show he's still 'all that'. I'm always amazed to look out my kitchen window and see him leaping around in his paddock. After dislocating his pastern a few years ago and having it plated it makes me nervous, but I won't compromise his quality of life.”

aRegardez_AR_Derby_finalsThere’s another resident stallion at Creekside Farm, Regardez, who has been garnering more and more attention due to his successes in Hunter Derby. The many championships he won in the 2011 show season make him the most successful Derby horse in Canada. Regardez was the recipient of the Prince of Thieves Award at the 2011 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for winning the most points Nation-wide in the Canadian Hunter Derby Series.

“Regardez, who my mom bought a few years ago, has been a joy to have on the farm,” says Linda, “He's allowed me to accomplish the one goal I never did when I was a young rider. I'd always wanted to compete at The Royal in Toronto and in 2011, I did with him. Many people told me I was nuts to take a stallion to The Royal being an amateur myself. The ambiance, the crowds, the craziness with heavy horses and hackneys and carts, the ramp, all of it! Turned out to be nothing but fun with him. He's just so kind and easy to handle, even the warm-up ring was just simple and jogging for ribbons, he was perfect.”

Six year old Double Rivers Really Cool by Regardez won the 2011 Intermediate American Eventing Championship while being the youngest horse in theaCreekside_Barn competition. “The Regardez’s are brave,” says Linda.

While it’s hard to predict the future, it’s safe to say Linda plans to keep “doing what we’ve been doing and never compromise on quality.” And it’s a sure thing that the world will see more talented offspring from Creekside Farm in show rings nationally and internationally.


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