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Horse Industry Collaborates to Support Alberta Stables

Stables in Alberta face many challenges in today’s economic and demographic climates. Our increasingly urban population creates land use issues for horse facilities, and legislation can impact the stable’s ability to operate. Competition for the public’s leisure dollar is great with many activities competing for the time and finances of the population. Public expectations of animal welfare are on the increase and understanding of our industry is key to ensuring that stables are viewed favourably.

The goal of the Alberta Stables Initiative is to create a professional association for stable owners and managers. This initiative will improve and increase the public profile and awareness of the stable industry in Alberta, build a network of stables, provide educational opportunities to industry members, inform and educate government and the public on the stable industry, increase accessibility for those choosing horses as their leisure activity and, most importantly, create a common voice for Alberta stables. This common voice will speak on behalf of the industry to challenge issues as they arise.

The Alberta Stables Initiative is a collaborative project of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta, the Alberta Equestrian Federation and the Horse Industry Section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

Alberta Stables Initiative

Mission: To strengthen Alberta’s commercial stables by promoting safety, animal welfare and sound business practices as well as providing support, education and marketing opportunities for the stable industry.


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