Uniquely named by the breeder’s young son and then nicknamed along with a pasture-mate after Magnum PI’s two famous Dobermans Apollo and Zeus, at 27, Zekeydemax has lived up to his somewhat auspicious beginning. The offspring of Karen Rose’s first horse, an Appaloosa mare purchased with her own money when she was 13, Zeus grew up to become a teacher, coach, babysitter, and all-round champion youth horse. He’s had four youth owners in his career –Shane Rose, Kerry Gillespie, Stacey Reidelbach and his current owner, Shania Watson -- all of whom he’s taken from beginner to stardom. Shania says he builds her confidence up in anything she does with him and she’s lost count of all of the hi-point awards and ribbons they’ve taken home.

Zeus returned to Karen for a 6-year period and worked as a lesson horse in her coaching program so, in addition to his four lucky owners, Zeus taught numerous budding equestrians to ride, including Shania, who initially met him while taking lessons with Karen. Zeus is at his best in trail, and has won a number of summer games gold medals in this class. He also loves to jump, and still takes Shania over her 2’3” and 2’6” courses. Back in his youth, with a very young, green Shane Rose aboard, Zeus jumped himself into a two-horse jump-off against a much larger horse (Zeus is just 14.3) and a senior rider…and won! On his way to another show, later in life, the wheel came off the trailer Zeus was riding in. As no one was injured, his determined young rider saddled him up and rode him the rest of the way to the show and, once again demonstrating his unflappable character, Zeus won his classes. Much-loved by all who have had the privilege to own or ride him, Shania sums up Zeus with this…“He is my best friend and when I need someone to talk to he’s always there and I actually think that he understands and listens to me sometimes.” I’m betting he does.

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