On February 28, 1989, a tiny filly was born at the farm of Josef and Edda Selinger (JES Breeding) near Calgary. From a Holstein dam named Ladybird, due to her tiny stature, she became Colibri, French for hummingbird, and was registered as a Canadian Warmblood. The Selingers missed her arrival by some hours and Joe is still amused at how this little Whippet-sized filly turned around and kicked at him – apparently her assessment of “the service at the inn” – when he showed up at 7 a.m.


Within 6 months she was as big as the other foals born that year – partly due to the fact that she availed herself of another mare’s milk supply, on top of her legitimate own – and has gone on to succeed well beyond her small beginnings. She was the Champion of her mare inspection and has since received her Elite Mare Award, the highest rating for a Canadian Warmblood mare. She is the dam of 12 Warmbloods, one of whom, Cita, was exported to Germany in 2004 and, in 2005, became the top 5 and 6 year old jumper in Germany. Warmbloods are regularly imported from Germany to Canada but the reverse is rare and a sign of the quality the Selingers have been breeding into their horses since the 1960’s. Another offspring, Cera, was the top-scoring Canadian Warmblood at the Edmonton Northlands Horse Show in 2004, and a third was exported halfway across the world to Australia.

Colibri is now 18, and is bred to produce another potential champion in 2008. In the words of singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen “From small things big things one day come”.

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