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Airdrie, AB, July 4, 2013 – Collaboration between Alberta Agriculture, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, Alberta Veterinary Labs, and Horse Industry Association of Alberta has led to the formulation of a generic liquid Ivermectin dewormer, called "Ivermectin Liquid for Horses." In May 2013, the product was registered by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate for use in horses. The process took in excess of three years to complete the research and trials.

The generic product is manufactured in Calgary and is currently available through veterinary clinics and over the counter at localaInvermectinBottleSyringe med 2 feed and tack stores. It is available in three different forms: a 15 mL syringe, 60 mL bulk bottle, and a 120 mL bulk bottle. It is administered orally, either directly into the mouth with a syringe or top dressed on grain and fed to the horse. “Since it is a water-based product, horses will eat it when added to sweet feed. This is great news for horses that have been a problem to deworm,” states Dr. Merle Olson of Alberta Veterinary Labs.

Horse owners can look forward to significant savings. Treatment with a brand name dewormer imported into Canada costs horse owners between $15-$30 dollars. Ivermectin Liquid for Horses will be available for a quarter of the cost, at around $5 for an average 500 kg horse.



The Alberta Stables Initiative (ASI) is hosting two important forums in the fall of 2013. These will be two part meetings, starting with an information session by industry expert Randy Fedorak, followed by a feedback forum for stable owners.

The forums will be used to openly discuss, with the stable industry, content being created for a Standards of Operation manual. The public consultation will help generate the content required for this manual. These manuals will be available for any current or future stable owner/operator in Alberta. Anticipated date of completion for the manual is May of 2014.

Upcoming Dates & Locations:

  • Spruce Meadows, Riding Hall Lounge, October 16th, 2013, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Farmfair International, Room 107A Northlands, November 8th, 2013, 11:00am – 1:30pm



    The Proceedings Manual from the 2014 Horse Breeders and Owners Conference is now for sale. The cost is $25 and includesproceedings manual shipping anywhere in Canada. This year's manual is 112 pages and includes papers from all 13 of our speakers.


    Airdrie, Alta. – True Heart Horses and 2-W Livestock have donated an equine treatment stock as a prize during the 32nd annualstock Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, January 10-12, 2014 in Red Deer. All conference delegates will have multiple opportunities to enter the draw over the course of the weekend. Delegates who attend the most sessions and receptions will increase their chances to win.

    John Anderson with True Heart Horses says, “These stocks meet the recommendations for stocks in the new Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines. And by incorporating an easy to use stock into any facility promotes more humane handling and treatment of horses.”


    Canadian breed associations should be aware some individuals within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are proposing repealing the Animal Pedigree Act. Please read the attached letter from Ronald Black, General Manager of the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. He explains the importance of the act and how a repeal would negatively affect Canadian breeds.

    Read the letter here.


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     Upcoming Events
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