2009 Horse Breeders & Owners Conference

altIntensive training, frequent competition, and resuming exercise too quickly after a winter lay-up can all have a negative impact on the horse’s ability to fight disease and infection. Proper nutrition is critical for maintaining the immune system. This session will discuss key nutrients, including fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, that have potential to enhance immunity in performance horses.

Author - Dr. Lori Warren

Dr. Lori Warren is an equine nutritionist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida. Prior to joining the faculty in Florida, Dr. Warren served as the Equine Extension Specialist at Colorado State University and as the Provincial Horse Specialist in Alberta. She is currently serving on an NRC committee to evaluate the safety of dietary supplements for horses. Dr. Warren received an MS and PhD in equine nutrition and exercise physiology from the University of Kentucky.


Temperament is one of the most important traits for buyers and users of horses. Environmental factors contribute to the shaping of behavior and temperament, and this information is important for horse owners and breeders establishing horse selection criteria for different acitivities and uses.

Author - Dr. Eva Søndergaard (Denmark)

Dr. Eva Søndergaard has been a scientist at the University of Aarhus since 2003. She graduated in Animal Science from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University,  Copenhagen in 1995 and then worked as a research assistant at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Søndergaard undertook PhD studies in handling and housing of young horses and, since obtaining her PhD in 2003, has been working on various aspects of equine behaviour and welfare.


altFor passionate riders attempting to better their horsemanship, this session will discuss a fundamental mindset that will free you from human misconceptions and help you understand your horse from his point of view. Learn to shift your focus from accepting movement to receiving yield.

Author - Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol’s development of an extensive understanding of the horse, and of the horse/human relationship, has allowed him to help people in many disciplines. He excels as a horseman and educator; his sold out clinic schedule will attest to this. Josh’s philosophies have appeared in equine magazines such as Western Horse Review, Equus and, most recently, HorseCare. In the words of Deb Bennett, “Go see Josh Nichol!”


altFeatures of the disease and managing an outbreak.

Author - Dr. Stephen Reed (Kentucky)

Dr. Stephen Reed joined the faculty at Ohio State University as an assistant professor in 1983, rising to the title of professor in 1994. He has authored or co-authored more than 150 peer reviewed publications and is an editor of Equine Internal Medicine, which is about to enter into its third edition. In 2007 Dr. Reed retired from Ohio State University to join Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky as an equine specialist.


altPrevalence, predisposing factors, diagnosis and treatment of EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome).

Author - Dr. Fernando J. Marqués

Dr. Marqués was a successful equine practitioner for more than fifteen years in Argentina, focusing primarily in the areas of theriogenology, neonatology, and sports medicine on very well established Thoroughbred stud farms and equine facilities. In 2005, he completed his board certification in Large Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 2006, Dr. Marqués has held the position of Associate Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon.



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