2007 Horse Breeders & Owners Conference

A Way to Perceive What Makes Horses Tick

Deb Bennett, PhD

“Birdie” is a metaphor that helps handlers to visualize the world from the horse’s point of view, which is the only point of view from which effective control of the animal can be maintained.


Brian Coleman

1. Attitude
- Be positive
- Have a goal
- Make it handy
- Start with a teamwork mentality
- Quiet, confident


Transported Semen
Darrell W. Dalton DVM

The Process
Before the breeding season even begins there are a number of steps that must be completed. Obviously, the mare owner must select a stallion that they wish to breed their mare to, and contact must be made to work out the logistics. All stud fees, shipping fees, collection fees, and “whatever” fees must be agreed upon and contracts signed prior to the breeding season. You must establish when the stallion will be available to ship, what days he will ship, how he will ship, and whether there is a shipping company available to meet all of these conditions, both for the mare and for the stallion. Also it must be established how many shipments will be made to the mare, and over how many cycles. All breed requirements must also be met in order to get a foal that we can register. Some breeds are very open regarding transported semen, and some are very restrictive. Be sure that you are familiar with your breed association’s regulations. For example: some registries require that a veterinarian be involved in the insemination of the mare. Once you have completed all of your pre-breeding season homework, you are ready to begin.


Linda Connors
Gallop On Farm

Having a business free of debt isn’t essential, however creating a healthy monthly cash flow to satisfy debts is. I’m here to share a few thoughts and truths I’ve come across in the last 30 plus years of making a living as a professional in the horse industry.


As promised, here are Cherry's notes from her session at the 2007 Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, for all of those who asked and anyone else who cares to read.

Better Horsekeeping HBOC 2007



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